Investing in people
The quality of your organization is determined by your employees. Their qualities and specializations are becoming ever more important. There is a reason why good personnel is being considered one of the most important assets, one that requires investment in order to realize the desired output for your organization. In particular the worldwide rapid technological developments make recruitment of suitable personnel a crucial business.

We will find the high level potentials that you need
The first step in the recruitment process is an extensive analysis of the strategy, culture and needs of your organization. Only when we have a clear and thorough picture of your organization we will know which potentials will be at their best in your organization. By using file, media and network search we will find you the most suitable candidate. After interviewing potential candidates we will form a first selection. If necessary we shall use measuring instruments to make the best possible selection. Resulting from this selection we will introduce to you a number of suitable candidates with an extensive profile-report.

Trusted and professional approach
Candidates are selected by education, experience and personality traits. Only the most suitable candidates will be introduced to you. Our recruitment and selection assignments are exclusively on behalf of companies and institutions, to avoid any conflict of interests. Every assignment is unique to us and will naturally be handled with discretion. 

Personal guidance
In our opinion realising a perfect match requires more than simply comparing the desired profile with the knowledge and experience offered. A very important aspect is whether the candidate fits well into the culture of the organizations. The human factor is, and will continue to be, indispensable. Building up a confidential and trustworthy relationship is fundamental to a successful mediation. This personal approach is characteristic for De Linde Groep.



De Linde Groep