Project ‘Support a Child’ by De Linde Groep

Why De Linde Groep has started off a project for children?

“Little things can make a difference, especially for young children. With them, you can still do something meaningful and have a significant influence. This project is an outcome of my belief that you can change things in a positive way, at least when you have the means to do so. This project stems from the ambition to alter little things for young children, in order to change their unfolding life for the better. Hopefully leading them to grow into healthy and happy adults. In our profession we often meet people who aren’t feeling happy with their life. My believe is that it already makes a difference when you are able to help just one person. Because of this project I can be involved with people and their future in a somewhat different way. Because De Linde Groep celebrated her 5 year anniversary in 2006 we wanted to do something special. A personal trigger for me was that my neighbours adopted two Chinese girls, from an orphanage.” 
Quoted from Joyce van de Linde, founder of De Linde Groep. For an extensive interview with her, click here.

Project Support a Child

De Linde Groep supports small-scaled projects for children, at all places in the world where can be benefited from our contribution. For this we mainly depend on contributions by our contented candidates and clients, as well as by other professional relations. We welcome each and every donation, even if you are not familiar with De Linde Groep; every donation makes a difference. We’re also interested in your ideas about projects for children, in any part of the world. They are all welcome.
The projects we support at this moment are registered on our website.
Your contribution is welcome. You can remit to bank account NL35 INGB 0653 7026 63, of ‘De Linde Groep with reference to Support a child’.
“There are few things so unnecessary as child hunger or so wasteful as unexplored intelligence.” James T. Morris, WFP Executive Director, November 2003.


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