Energy Drives

Energy Drives®: what sets you in motion?
Did you ever ask yourself why you do things as you do? What gives you energy and on what do you lose energy completely? The answer is hidden in your ‘values’. Values are the foundation of your thinking and acting. And are so the ideal starting point for self reflection, pesonal development and communication, entrepeneurship and leadership, organisation development and -strategy, identity and positioning. When you are aware of your own values and those of others, then insight and understanding arises. Insight in your own motivation and factors which influence your behaviour. But also insight in the behaviour of others, which leads to better understanding, cooperation, improved leadership skills and more effective communication and higher quality of work. “What do I really want? And do I do what I want? And do I want what I do?” Here lies the source of inspiration and joyful working.

The result: recognizing Values
Behaviour is what we see of each other, but what lies beneath? Values explain to a large extent why you show certain behaviour. Value systems indicate how people think and feel and not what they think and feel. Each individual and each organisation has different value systems with which the world is approached. With the Energy Drives® scan we are able to show those patterns of thinking within people, teams, organisations. Patterns which sometimes supplement and sometimes conflict. Everybody looks at the world through different glasses. And it is exactly this dynamics which moves people and sets them in motion.

For who is Energy Drives® ideal?
Everybody knows the feeling that you can not really tell what makes yourself or your organisation different. Or that you miss inspiration, or your team is standing still instead of growing. Energy Drives® gives the opportunity to move and grow. With this Value Audit you have a distinguished insight in the Values of persons, teams and organisations. It is a source of information with a lot of starting points to bring people and teams a step further.

What is unique about Energy Drives®?
This model was behind the development of South Africa when this country let loose her ‘apartheid policy’ and Mandela became president. Also Barack Obama used Energy Drives® quite a lot, initially during his first campagne for president, supported by a small group of Energy Drives® specialists. Obama wanted to know what specific groups move, so he could stimulate them to bring them in motion. People’s Values represent what inspires and moves them, and are an important explanation for behaviour and feeling, thinking and acting. What made this model a powerfull tool for Obama, in his speeches and communication.

The foundation of the original Value System comes from professor Clare Graves, and is further implemented in Spiral Dynamics by Chris Cowan and Don Beck, and later on translated in the usefull Value Audit.

De Linde Groep is official licensed partner of Energy Drives®. Energy Drives® only is used by selected partners who are active professionally in the field of strategy, positioning and coaching entrepeneurs, management and employees. Energy Drives is available in Dutch and English..