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Recruitment & Selection - De Linde Groep professionally recruits and selects high potentials and professionals on a Bachelor and Masters level in the field of ICT, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Logistics, Finance and Technics. Both for profit and non-profit organizations. An important activity in fulfilling our assignments so successfully is our honesty and integrity. Emphasis is on intensive coaching of businesses and candidates. Essential is open and transparant communication, room for new ideas and initiatives, exploring new paths, and sincere interest in people; their needs, intentions and ambitions.

Energy Drives®: what sets you in motion?

Did you ever ask yourself why you do things as you do? What gives you energy and on what do you lose energy completely? The answer is hidden in...

What is unique about Energy Drives®?

This model was behind the development of South Africa when this country let loose her ‘apartheid policy’ and Mandela became president. Also....

For whom is Energy Drives® ideal?

Everybody knows the feeling that you can not really tell what makes yourself or your organisation different. Or that you miss....

Latest News

De Linde Groep is official licensed partner of Energy Drives®. Energy Drives® only is used by selected partners who are active professionally in the field of strategy, positioning and coaching entrepeneurs, management and employees. Energy Drives is available in Dutch and English.